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Are you suffering from a painful and irritating Hernia?

Don’t rely on cheap alternatives. Only trust the best.
“Often imitated, never replicated.”

After 20 years in the orthopedic field, Bodo Knoche, the owner of HPH Corporation, in collaboration with medical doctors from Germany, has developed a new product for the hernia patient!

Our products are superior to the other hernia support products on the market. Developed and made in Germany with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Not like the cheap quality products you will find elsewhere. Our Hernia Briefs and Mini-Belts are so durable and well made that with proper care you will be able to wear them for five years or more.

The Hernia Brief by HPH Corporation – to be comfortable with a hernia if you don’t desire an operation. Keeps almost all sizes of hernias in place.

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The HPH Hernia Brief is the perfect solution and may help to be able to live comfortably with a hernia and avoid an operation!



All too often people are eager to criticize or find fault with “a new idea”. However, I’m writing to praise and heartily endorse your HPH Hernia Brief. Approximately four years ago, I was suffering the pain and unsightly bulging of a right inguinal hernia. I am a chiropractor and the physical nature of my occupation was causing me definite pain and difficulty in performing my job proper. I have worn and washed it for four years and am just now ordering my second HPH Hernia Brief [...] I remain grateful to you for my pain-free state of comfort and avoidance of hernia surgery, due to your special product.

Dr. Bruce E. Wand

Recently I purchased the brief for a male with a double hernia…
It is wonderful!!! He can’t go without it…Thanks so much for your effect mailing. We may have to purchase a second one to keep him going until he can have the serious one fixed in November.

Patty Clendenan

Pain free! I just received your HPH Hernia Brief. I am a 36-year-old male, construction worker, with double hernias. I have been using the old type of truss thing. It moves around too much and the belts drive me crazy.
 I was not sure if I should try your product or not, but I am trying to wait until December for surgery, so I was desperate.
 WOW! This thing is great, pads stay where they should. I still am able to move around easily now and almost pain-free!
 Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied and then some with your product.


A boon to the elderly individual! I am a retired physician who developed a direct inguinal hernia about eight months ago. For many reasons, surgical repair was not a practicable alternative for me, so I wore an old-fashioned truss for six months, finding it increasingly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, I found the HPH Mini-Belt on the web. Since using the Mini-Belt, my hernia has been well controlled, with a level of comfort more than acceptable. I would recommend the device to anyone with a hernia. It is especially a boon to the elderly individual.


I make this testimony with enthusiasm. The first day that I wore the hernia brief it held everything in the proper place and there was no pain I sleep in it, it did not slip or move and it was and is extremely comfortable. I would recommend this item without any hesitation.

Jimmie Barfield

Just received my hernia brief. Such an excellent product! Very well made. Works very well for me. You selected the best size for me, thank you. I am highly impressed - Ted Bynum

Ted Bynum

I wasn't expecting to be this satisfied with a brief but here I am with the most relief I have felt in YEARS! I am an avid tennis player and these briefs give me the support I so desperately need to live my active lifestyle.

Patricia Wells

I have worn other inguinal hernia supports but this is by far the best support brief out there! This is discreet under my clothes. I am beyond happy to not have to get surgery! I am a firm believer in doing things the natural way - there are too many complications and risks with the mesh netting. Your company has provided a solution! Thank you for your professional customer service and incredible product!

Claudia Spania

I am in desert temperatures all day long doing construction and I needed something that would provide pressure relief and not add heat to my body. I like that it's adjustable and isn't in the way of anything. Worth it's money.

Ralph Cardone