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HPH Hernia Mini-Belt
HPH Hernia Mini-Belt
HPH Hernia Mini-Belt

HPH Hernia Mini-Belt

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After many years of research – the newest development in Hernia Belts

The smallest, least material and most comfortable “LITTLE BELT” for all sizes of Hernias.

We would like to introduce to you the NEWEST breakthrough for Hernia Patients.

The new Mini-Belt was created with the cooperation of surgeons, some even hernia sufferers themselves, also with many of our 2.4 million Hernia Customers from 95+ countries worldwide, and of course, 20+ years of experience from Bodo Knoche himself!

Forget all of the other devices on the market – heavy and uncomfortable belts, girdles, metal pads, and steel buckles that cut into your body and cause unbearable pressure. Your rupture should be constantly held comfortable without severe pressure. The HPH Mini-Belt helps Nature in strengthening the weakened muscles. It gives you support, and at the same time, gives you a chance of recovering so you would eventually not have to wear a truss or support. The wearer enjoys a sense of well-being never known before. You can perform all movements and labors without problems; as well as gymnastics, swimming, riding horses, bicycling, etc. while ensuring security to your hernia. HPH Corp. uses the most modern materials in the manufacturing of its products.

The HPH Mini-Belt:

UNDETECTABLE – extremely small, yet still gives you the support you need for any size of hernia.
Very lightweight – uses much less material.
For left, right or both sides of hernias.
Easily adjustable with hook-and-loop strips.
Very comfortable – you will forget you have it on!
Hygienic wash and wear – quickly towel dry.
Flexible pressure cushion.
Neutral tan color

Made from 34% polyester, 28% rubber, 25% nylon, and 13% mako cotton.